Anti-Fraud Seminar


1 day seminar targeted at: Managers and executives in services sector.Operations personnel, Security Officers, It professionals, Internal/External Auditors, Fraud Examiners, Risk/Compliance Officers.

Training objective: To create awareness of new developments and seek to provide mitigation strategies to combat fraud.

Audit Techniques


1 day seminar targeted at: Supervisory Committee Members, Internal Auditors, Risk Managers/Officers.

Training objective: To understand how to conduct operational audits using the Business Process Audit Methodology and to understand the typical business processes that are expected in a Credit Union.

Certified Credit Professional (CCP)


9 months seminar targeted at: Persons involved in the credit process or those who have an interest in the area.

Training objective: To develop professional competence in making good credit decisions.

Certified International Risk Manager (CIRM)


9 months seminar targeted at: Board of Directors, Risk Managers, Supervisory Committee members, Internal Auditors..

Training objective: To provide participants with the tools to analyze a variety of Enterprise-Wide Risk towards reaching sound risk mitigation decisions.

Credit Analysis Techniques


2 days seminar targeted at: Credit Officers, Relationship Managers and any professional involved in the area of credit and related products.

Training objective: To provide more awareness on how to perform effective credit and financial analysis for lending and valuation purposes. Read more …

Customer service Management


1 day seminar targeted at Frontline Staff, Managers, Supervisors.

Training objective:

  • Establish a relationship between customer service, retention, and growth.
  • Measure customer satisfaction and interpreting the results.
  • Determine service level and build service culture.
  • Enhancing Customer Service delivery during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Effective Corporate Governance in a Financial Institution


3 hours seminar targeted at: New and aspiring directors of financial institutions

Training objective: This workshop is expected to provide participants with the basic knowledge to be an effective director of a financial institution to ensure proper strategic guidance of the relevant entity.

Effective Debt Collection Techniques


Seminar targeted at: Credit Oficers, Relationship Managers, Sales Managers or any professional involved in the area of credit and related products.

Training objective: For business to survive and grow, it is important to institute  measures to ensure a healthy cash flow.  Participants will be able to use the information gained from this workshop to improve his/her ability to handle collection situations and make appropriate responses.

Enterprise Risk Management


1 day seminar targeted at: Risk Managers/Officers, General Managers, Internal Auditors, Directors.

Training objective: To understand the nature of risk and know the relevance of risk management in credit union operations, while understanding the risk tolerance and risk appetite.

Forensic Document Examination Part II


1 day seminar targeted at: Persons who have previously completed the forensic document examination workshop and are interested in further knowledge in this area.

Training objective:

This one-day workshop will delve deeper into the fascinating world of handwriting identification with emphasis on digital signatures. Read more …

Fundamentals of Financial Services Sector


2 days seminar targeted at:

  • Persons working in the financial services sector who need to be familiar with the intricacies of the operations.
  • Persons who would like to pursue a career in the financial serices sector.

Training objective: This programme  will provide new and aspiring staff of the Financial Services Sector wil basic knowledge and skills to facilitate the process of orientation. Read more …

Loans Securities Documentation


2 days seminar targeted at: Staff involved in taking, perfecting and registering securities documents.  This includes Lending Officers, for corporate and personal loans, securities officers, supervisors and managers of securities department.

Training objective: To secure the well-being o the Institution by ensuring that the securities held are legally correct and enforceable, providing adequate protection.

Risk Governance


1 day seminar targeted at: Board of Directors, Risk Managers, Supervisory Committee members, Internal Auditors..

Training objective: To identify the various roles and responsibilities within a Credit Union’s risk governance framework, while identifying the role of the internal audit function in the governance process.

Seminar: Authenticating Documents


1 day seminar targeted at: Front line staff, opertions personnel, compliance officers, fraud investigators, HR Officers, Risk Officers, Credit Officers, Internal/External Auditors.

Training objective: To address the threats posed by the false documentation and identification as well as explore vulnerabilities and techniques necessary for effective fraud detection.

Strategic Data Analysis


3 hours seminar targeted at: Executives, Board of Directors, Senior Managers, Management Consultants

Training objective: This three-hour course will indicate how to recognize weak signals, how to visualize data and how to collect and analyze data for successful strategic decision-making.

Treasury Management

2 days seminar targeted at: Portfolio Risk Managers, Treasury Managers, Operations Managers, Internal/External Auditors, Accountants

Training objective: To provide techniques to effectively manage the treasury operations

Understanding Financial Statements


2 days seminar targeted at: Persons who would like to improve their working knowledge in interpreting financial statements

Training objective: To assist participants in mastering the fundamentals of financial statements and develop a clear understanding of how they work, learn how to interpret them accuarately and discover how to use the information to make more effective, better informed business decision.

Women in Finance: Leadership in a Pandemic World


2 hours seminar targeted at: Mid-Senior Level Managers from the financial services sector.

Training objective: To promote growth and enhancement of women in the financial sector; to explore challenges and opportunities for women in their careers along with smart networking journey.