Grenada Co-operative League Limited
Country: Grenada
Address: P O Box 1307, Belmont Road, St George’s
Telephone: 1-473-440-2903
Fax: 1-473-440-7851
President: Mr. Randy Cadet


Country Data: Consolidated Statistics

Credit Unions: 10
Members: 84,780
Shares and Deposits($): 374,310,569
Loans($): 334,026,001
Total Reserves($): 11,386,892
Total Assets($): 474,533,981

Ariza Credit Union

Address: P. O. Box 886, Bruce Street Mall,Sr. George’s , Grenada West Indies

Lucia Livingston-Andall (CEO)

Email: /

Tel: (473) 440 1759 / 8296 / 2099

Fax: (473) 440 8031


Birchgrove Credit Union

Address: Birchgrove, St. Andrew’s, Grenada

Tel: (473) 438-0090

Manager: Mrs. Annica Farray (GM)

Email Addreses: /


The Communal Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

Address: Halifax St, St George’s, Grenada

Grenada Tel: (473) 440-1755

Email Address:

Manager: Lydia Courtney-Francis


Gateway Co-operative Credit Union

Address: Point Salines, St. George

Pastor Adrian Banfield (GM)


Tel: (473) 439-5637


Grenville Co-operative Credit Union

Email Address: /

Grenada Tel: (473) 442-8602

Manager: Devon Charles


GUT Co-operative Credit Union

Address: Cnr. Grenville & St. John’s St. George’s

Manager: Mrs. Retesha Smith-Boyd

Email: /

Tel: (473)-440-1354


Hermitage Co-operative Credit Union 

Address: Hermitage, St Patrick


Tel: (473) 416-1612

Manager: Emerson Murray


Geo. F. Huggins Employees Co-operative Credit Union 

Address: Melville Street, St. George’s


Ms. Valyn Jacob ( Office Manager)



River Sallee Credit Union

Address: River Sallee, St. Patrick’s

Tel: (473) 442-9870/1727

Email: /

Mr. Lennox J. Andrews (GM)


GTAWU Co-operative Credit Union

Green Street, St. George’s, Grenada

Tel: (473) 440-8533


Mr. Trevor Xavier (President)