List should be used in addition to daily checklist during high alert medical events 
Use Clorox, disinfectant wipes daily to complete the following at least 3 times daily   Mid- Morning  Afternoon  End of Day 
Wipe All door knobs (front door, bathroom, kitchen, teller doors, office doors, etc.)
Wipe Light Switches, Alarm keypad, 
Wipe all Desk, teller counters, end tables, and counter tops within the branch
Wipe Drive thru tubes and buttons inside of branch for tubes 
Wipe all bathroom fixtures (sink knobs, toilet handle, towel dispenser) 
Wipe pens at check stand and teller line 
Wipe keyboards and each mouse 
Wipe Kitchen counters and table, coffee pots, refrigerator 
Wipe ATM screen 
Ensure that antibacterial soap if full in staff and member restrooms 

As well as Kitchen 

Ensure wipes are well stocked at teller line and at each desk so that areas can be wiped if needed between members
Ensure that hand sanitizer is available at all teller stands and desks 

(70% alcohol or higher) 

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