Ex-Officio Director

Mr. Andre Goindoo is the Managing Director and CEO of CUNA Caribbean Insurance Society Limited; its wholly owned subsidiary in the Caribbean. CUNA Mutual Group is the principal provider of group insurance and other financial services to the credit unions and affinity group in North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Director/Immediate Past President

Trained professional, with proven leadership and managerial competence, developed from over twenty five (25) years of senior management appointments within the Jamaican private and public sectors. Contemporary thinker and astute professional, whose career traverses the disciplines of engineering, operations management, and education and training, where he continues to distinguish himself in educational leadership. He has…

MRS CAROL ANGELA FRASER Trained professional and Deputy Superintendent developed for over 28 years and holds appointments within Guyana private and public sphere. Her career traverses the discipline of police officer, social worker, and educator where she continues to showcase and transfer her knowledge in education, training and leadership. She has competencies in Management, Domestic…


Lennox Bowman is a chartered banker who holds professional qualifications in “Banking and Finance” and “Accounting”. He has considerable experience in many areas of finance including offshore, development, merchant, commercial and retail banking. He also has experience in the Insurance Industry and has spent the last 20 years working in the Credit Union Movement.


Mr. Hally Haynes is widely known for his people oriented focus to personal and professional development at all levels of society. He has over twenty-nine (29) years experience in law enforcement, youth work and management.


A Credit Union member since 1980, Mr Moses is the current President of the Grenada Cooperative League Ltd and a past President of the Grenada Public Service Cooperative Credit Union. His is also the current acting Chairman of the ECCCL and a director of the CCCU.

Vice President

Leopoldo Romero was born in Southern Belize where he schooled and farmed at a very young age. He began his career as a Teacher and obtained a degree from UWI in Primary Education. He later migrated to the North of the Country where he joined the Credit Union movement as a Director and later became…


Born in South Trinidad in 1957, Joseph Remy got involved in the Credit Union Movement from the inception of his employment in the then Telephone Company of Trinidad and Tobago, TELCO in 1977 when he enlisted as a member of the Telephone Workers’ Credit Union Cooperative Society Limited, TWCU, which was based in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago