St Lucia Co-operative League Limited
Country: St. Lucia
Address: 1st Floor Coral Jemm, Coral Street, Castries
Telephone: 1-758-452-5467
Fax: 1-758-453-7387
Contact: Diana Leon

Manager: Ms Asha Mitchel (Ag)

St. Lucia Country Data: Consolidated Statistics ($US)
Credit Unions: 12
Members: 87,389
Total Savings: $302,845,491
Loans: $274,955,373
Total Reserves: $48,623,621
Total Assets: $360,623,399

West Coast Credit Union

Anse La Raye P.O.

Tel1: 451-4980
Fax: 458-3985

President: Mr. Camilus Laurencin

Manager: John Victorin
Secretary: Ms. Alice Minvielle
Treasurer: Ms. Lyncia Antoine


Mabouya Valley Credit Union

Address: Richfond, Dennery Castries, St. Lucia 1758

Fax: 453-3416


Manager: Mrs. Sylvia Avril-Wells
Secretary: Ms. Maria Mombelli
Treasurer: Mr. Luke Edwin

President: Ms. Alymphia Lionel


Fond St. Jacques Credit Union

P.O.Box 265
SoufriereTel: 459-5747
Fax: 459-5747
Email: fsjcu96@gmail.comGeneral Manager: Darnell BobbManager: Mr. Dominique Prospere
Secretary: Ms. Louiezandre Nicholas
Treasurer: Mr. Simeon CazaubonPresident: Mr. Columbus Philippe


St. Lucia Seven Day Adventist Credit Union

Address: Chausee Castries, St. Lucia

P.O. CP5893

Tel: 451-7900

Manager: Ms. Cathalina Samuel
Secretary: Mr. Wentland Paul
Treasurer: Ms. Judith Fontenelle

President: Mr. Anthony Maylor


National Farmers & Workers Credit Union

P.O. 1717
CastriesTel 1: 452-7277
Tel 2: 454-6710
Fax 1: 45-49526
Fax 2: 45-32348
Email: nfccu@yahoo.comManager: Brian John
Treasurer: Mr. Francis Fontenelle
Secretary: Mr. Irvin LambertPresident: Mr. Windy Moncherry


St. Lucia Civil Service Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

Address: P.O. Box 1333,Corner of Jeremie Street, Chaussee & Trinity, Church Roads,Castries,Saint Lucia

P.O.Box 1333
Tel: 452-4807 / 452-4808
Fax1: 458-2636
Fax2: 453-7675
Fax3: 454-9774 (V.F)
Website: www.cscreditunion.orgManager: Ms. Emmerlyn Monrose
Secretary: Mr. Sylvester Dickson
Treasurer: Mr. Zepherin FrancisPresident: Ms. Adria Sonson


Hospitality Industry Workers Credit Co-operative Society

35 Chisel St.
CastriesTel: 452-7092
Fax: 459-0114
Email: sluhoscu@sluhoscu.comManager: Stephanie Mathurin
Secretary: Ms. Nadia Asgill-Simei
Treasurer: Ms. Joycie MederickPresident: Ms. Shanelle Mcvane-Fulgence


Saltibus Co-operative Credit Union

Address: Saltibus Post Office, Saltibus, St. Lucia , West Indies

Tel 1: 455-1523
Tel 2: 455-1272
Fax 1: 455-1259
Fax 2: 455-1347

Manager: Mr. Biens Charlemagne
Secretary: Mr. Leroy St. Louis
Treasurer: Ms. Merle James

President: Ms. Hygina S. Hippolyte


Dennery Community Co-operative Credit Union

Address: High Street Dennery, St. Lucia

Tel: 453-4189
Fax: 453-4800


Manager: Ms. Thora Dundas
Secretary: Mr. William St. Juste
Treasurer: Mr. Thomas Flavien

President: Daniella Martelly


St. Lucia Police & Allied Services Co-operative Credit Union

Address: # 31 Bridge Street (243.72 mi), Castries, Saint Lucia
Tel 1: 452-2105
Tel 2: 456-0901
Fax: 453-1665
Email: policecu@candw.lcManager: Peter LamontagneSecretary: Mr. Gordon Leon
Treasurer: Mr. Arnold JaganathPresident: Mr. Dorian O’Brian


Elk’s City of Castries Co-operative Credit Union

Address: Brazil St, Castries, St Lucia

P.O. 1924 Castries

Tel: 452-6820
Fax: 452-2884

Manager: Ms. Antonia Joseph
Secretary: Mrs. Nickler Velinor-Paul
Treasurer: Ms. Cynthia LaurentPresident: Mr. Mario Bryce


Labourie Co-operative Credit Union

Address: Suite #9 Daher Building, New Dock Rd, Vieux Fort, St. Lucia

Tel: 454-6090
Fax: 455-9289


Manager: Mr. Lucius Ellevic
Secretary: Mrs. Donna Kaidou-Jeffrey
Treasurer: Ms. Francillia Browne

President: Mr. Steven Auguste


Choiseul Co-operative Credit Union

Address: #3 JEM Salmon Street, P O Box CH4C, Choiseul, St Lucia.
Fax: 459-3041
Email: cccu@candw.lcEmail: mfelixcccu@gmail.comManager: Mr. Melin Felix
Secretary: Mrs. Marva Jonas
Treasurer: Mr. Nigel MitchelPresident: Mr. Gilroy Satney



Mon Repos Eastern Co-operative Credit Union

Address: Mon Repos, Micoud, Saint Lucia

Tel: 455-3372/0
Fax: 455-3072

Manager: Mr. Priscillus Simeon
Secretary: Mrs. Chriselda Stanislas
Treasurer: Mr. Nigel Jn Baptiste

President: Mr. Henry Annelle


St. Lucia Teachers Co-operative Credit Union

29 Riverside Road
CastriesTel 1: 453-2538
Tel 2: 451-9146
Fax: 458-1387
Email: sltcc@hotmail.comEmail:
Website: www.sltccu.comManager: Deidre Biscombe
Secretary: Mrs. Criseyde Preville
Treasurer: Mr. Ezra JosephPresident: Mrs. Martina Belizaire


St. Lucia Workers’ Credit Union

Address: Bourdon Street, P. O. Box 1166, Saint Lucia

Tel 1: 453-2706
Fax: 451-7221
Email: sluwcu@candw.lcManager: Mrs. Celina Hercules
Secretary: Mr. Mitchelson Phipps
Treasurer: Mr. Peter LewisPresident: Mr. Norman Dorleon



Hospitality Industry Workers Credit Co-operative Society

Address: 35 Chisel Street, Castries, St. Lucia


Tel: (758) 452-7092

Fax: (758) 459-0114

Manager: Stephanie Mathurin


St. Lucia Member Credit Unions

  1. Laborie Credit Union
  2. Choiseul Credit Union
  3. Saltibus Credit Union
  4. St Lucia Workers Credit Union
  5. Dennery Co-op Credit Union
  6. Elk’s Co-operative Credit Union
  7. Hospitality Co-op Credit Union
  8. National Farmers Credit Union
  9. Royal St Lucia Police Credit Union
  10. St Lucia Teachers’ Credit Union
  11. Mon Repos Credit Union
  12. Mabouya Valley Credit Union
  13. West Coast Credit Union
  14. Fond St. Jacques Credit Union
  15. Seventh Day Adventist Credit Union