Guyana Co-operative Credit Union League Limited
Country: Guyana
Address: 127 D’Urban Street, Lodge, Georgetown
Telephone: 011-592-225-3237
Fax: 011-592-227-4606
Contact: Ms. Dana Nestor

Guyana Country Data: Consolidated Statistics ($US)
Credit Unions: 25
Members: 24,759
Total Savings: $18,611,336
Loans: $16,713,044
Total Reserves: $4,368,544
Total Assets: $28,983,212

West Coast Credit Union

Commonwealth of DominicaTel: 449-6556
Fax: 449-7175
Email: scccu@cwdom.dmBranches: Colihaut: 466-6540;Coulibistrie: 446-6829;St. Joseph: 466-6917President: Mr. Glenroy Toussaint
Manager: Mrs. Veronica Andrew



National Co-operative Credit Union Limited

National Co-operative Credit Union Limited

31-37 Independence Street
P.O. Box 175



Central Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

Bay Street
PortsmouthTel: 445-5208
Fax: 445-4308
Email: pccu@cwdom.dmPresident: Mr. Clement Carty
Manager: Ms. Maria Carbon



Marigot Credit Union

Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 445-7155/7166
Fax: (767) 445-8411
Email: mccu@cwdom.comPresident: Mr Gregory Riviere
Manager: Mrs Helen Laville Corbette



Roseau Credit Union

31-35 Independence Street
Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 255-2172
Fax: (767) 255-2109
Website rccu.netPresident: Dexter Ducreay
Manager: Mr. Aylmer Irish



St. Paul Credit Union

Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 449-1424/0943
Fax: (767) 449-2601
Email: spccu.manager@gmail.comPresident: Dr. Damian Dublin
Manager: Ms. Valda Sweeny



Grandbay Credit Union

Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 446-3500
Fax: (767) 446-4144
Email: gbccu@cwdom.dmPresident: Mr. Armour Thomas
Manager: Mrs. Germaine Jno Phillip



Calibishie Credit Union

Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 445-7373
Fax: (767) 445-7727President: Ms Roselyn Theodore
Manager: Mr Lenard Lawrence



Castle Bruce Credit Union

Castle Bruce
Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 446-0119
Fax: (767) 446-0264
Email: cbunion@cwdom.dmPresident: Mr. Thompson Dubique
Manager: Mrs Jacqueline Roberts



Colihaut Credit Union

Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 446-6540President: Mr Eli George



Salisbury Credit Union

Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 449-6556
Fax: (767) 449-7175
Email: secu1959@hotmail.comPresident: Mr. Glenroy Toussaint
Manager: Frances Andrew (Ag)



South Eastern Credit Union

La Plaine
Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 446-2068
Fax: (767) 448-1338

Branches: Grand Fond: 466-1614; Delices: 466-1253

Email: seccu@cwdom.dom

President: Mr. Simon George
Manager: Mrs Ethlyne Elwin



La Salette Credit Union

Point Michel
Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 448-8700
Fax: (767) 448-6130
Email: lasalette@cwdom.dmPresident: Mr. Alganan Degallerie
Manager: Mr. Curth Charles



St Anne Credit Union

P O Box 2327
Commonwealth of Dominica



Vieille Case Credit Union

Church Street
Vieille Case
Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 445-5440
Fax: (767) 445-3297

Branches: Paix Bouche: 445-3090; Penville: 445-5068; Thibaud: 445-5323

President: Mr. Cletus Joseph
Manager: Mrs. Theressa Royer



St David Credit Union

Riviere Cyrique
Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 446-1124
Fax: (767) 446-1124


President: Mr. Darius Polydore

Manager: Ms. Juliana Cuffy



Woodford Hill Credit Union

Woodford Hill
Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 445-7835
Fax: (767) 445-8433


President: Ms Ethelda Lewis
Manager: Mrs Vica Wallace (Ag)



St Mary Credit Union

Commonwealth of DominicaTel: (767) 448-8980
Fax: (767) 448-4664
Email: smccul@cwdom.dmPresident: Mr. Austi nBell
Manager: Ms. Mary Joseph