Barbados Co-operative and Credit Union League Ltd
Country: Barbados
Address: 1st Floor, Co-operators General Insurance Building, Upper Collymore Rock, St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone: 1-246-429-7075
Fax: 1-246-436-5848
President: Mr Hally Haynes
Secretary: Mr Keith Jones
Contact: Mr. Anthony Pilgrim

Barbados Country Data: Consolidated Statistics ($US)
Credit Unions: 31
Members: 205,550
Total Savings: $2,112,784,374
Loans: $1,669,315,374
Total Reserves: $265,246,450
Total Assets: $2,420,335,206

Barbados Media Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

c/o Nation Publishing Co Ltd
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 436-6240
Fax: (246) 427-6968/436-0849
President: Mr. Keith Lawrence
Secretary: Ms Sonia Yarde
Contact: Ms Ava Grosvenor
Tel: 436-6240
Fax: 427-6968/4360-0849



Barbados Pig Farmers’ Co-operative Society Ltd

#01 Cnr. Norham Rd and Tweedside Main Rd
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 228-6655
President : Mr Anthony Sobers
Secretary: Mr Junior Medford
Contact: Mr Percival Worrell
Tel: 228-6655



Barbados Police Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

Nexus House
Lightfoot Lane
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 436-9355/436-9361
Fax: (246) 435-0788
President: Mr. Barry Hunte
Secretary: Mr. Timothy Springer
Contact: Mr Leander Gaskin (Mgr.)

Tel: 436-9355/436-9361
Fax: 435-0788



Barbados Public Workers’ Co-op Credit Union Ltd

Olive Trotman House
Keith Bourne Complex
Belmont Road
St MichaelTel: (246) 434-2667/467-3430
Fax: (246) 437-8745/228-8586
E-mail: pubworks@caribsurf.comEmail:
President: Mr Paul Maxwell
Secretary: Mr. Glendon A. Belle
Contact : Ms Clorinda Alleyne CEO



Barbados Teachers’ Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

Lower Collymore Rock
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 426-3657
Fax: (246) 437-3499/228-6655
President: Mr. Ronald Jones
Secretary: Mrs. Karen Best
Contact: Mr Lucas Hudson (Opr Mgr)



Bartel Credit Union Ltd

Cnr George & Upper Collymore Rock
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 435-2239
Fax: (246) 426-6264
President: Mr James Corbin
Secretary: Mr. Sam Brathwaite
Contact: Ms. Joycelyn Jones (Office Manager)



Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Co-op Credit Union Ltd

8th Avenue Belleville
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 429-7676 (10:00am – 1:30pm)
Fax: (246) 429-7676
President: Mr. Alvin Perry
Secretary: Ms. Mildeane Massiah
Contact: Ms Marcia Cheltenham



Barbados Seventh-day Adventists Co-op Credit Union

#22 Beckwith Mall
Lower Broad Street
BarbadosEmail: info@bsdaccul.comTel:
Fax: (246) 431-9144 C/U 824-3202
President: Mr. Peirson Springer
Secretary: Mrs. Eaustene Alleyne
Contact: Mr Frank Forde (Treasurer)



Barbados Workers’ Union Co-op Credit Union Ltd

Cnr. Fairchild & Nelson Streets
BarbadosTel: (246) 436-5691
Fax: (246) 430-9229
President: Mr. Dalton Medford
Secretary: Mr. David Giles
Contact: Mr. David Byrnoe (GM)



BET Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

Business Centre
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 430-8870/71
Fax: (246) 430-8873
President: Mr. Vere A. Walcott
Secretary: Ms. Edwardine A. Clarke
Contact: Mrs. Patricia Goddard



Bethel Circuit Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

c/o Bethel Methodist Church
Bay Street
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 426-2386

Fax: 426-2223
President: Mrs. Joan Headley
Secretary: Mrs. Lacy Hoyte
Contact: Mrs. Joan Headley



Bottlers United Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

Christ Church
BarbadosTel: (246) 418-9825/418-8726
Fax: (246) 418-9825
President: Mr Richard Davis
Secretary: Mr. Llewellyn Bullen
Contact: Mr Eric Trotman (Office Manager)



BS and T Employees’ Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

1st Floor Dockland Place
Cavans Lane
BarbadosTel: (246) 431-0803/431-0984
Fax: (246) 431-0006
President: Mr. Noel Nurse
Secretary: Mrs. Lucy J. Clarke
Contact: Mr. Edmund Grimes (GM)



Endeavour Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

41 Nation House
Roebuck Street
BarbadosTel: (246) 427-2908
Fax: (246) 228-4585
President: Ms. Olga Watts
Secretary: Mr. Leroy Shepherd
Contact: Mr. Fergusson Barton (Opr Mgr)



Family Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

P O Box 636
BarbadosTel: (246) 429-2145/46
Fax: (246) 429-4707
President: Mr. Leon Greenidge
Secretary: Mr. Peter Williams
Contact: Ms. Patricia Downes (Admin Asst.)



Federal Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

Law House
Grazettes Valley
Black Rock
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 429-9125
Fax: (246) 429-9124
President: Mr Orlando Bostic
Secretary: Ms. Abena Ellis
Contact: Mr Alointaire Bouvardo



Goodwill Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

P O Box 821
BarbadosTel: (246) 428-2678
Fax: (246) 428-6263
President: Mr Seon Howell

Secretary: Mr Bernard Collins
Contact: Mr Leyland Sealy



James Street Circuit Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

c/o James Street Methodist Church
James Street
BarbadosTel: (246) 426-3362/426 5930
President: Mrs Sophia Harper-Waithe

Secretary: Mrs. Gail Trotman-Roach
Contact: Mr Bernard Roach



Light & Power Employees’ Co-op Credit Union Ltd

Business Complex
Bush Hill, Garrison
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 431-1400
Fax: (246) 228-4643
President: Mr. Kelvin Whittaker

Secretary: Mr. Anderson Henry

Contact: Mr. Trevor Williams (Mgr)




Caribank Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

c/o Caribbean Development Bank
P O Box 408
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 431-1600 Ext. 1865
Fax: (246) 426-7269
President: Mr. Anthony Maughn
Secretary: Ms. Monica La Bennett
Contact: Ms Paula Chung (Admin. Assistant)



Church of God Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

P O Box 1
BarbadosTel: 436-6232
President: Mr. Patrick Drakes
Secretary: Ms. Idelle Austin
Contact: Mr. Ian Forde



Church of the Nazarene Co-op Credit Union Ltd

Eagle Hall
St Michael
BarbadosTel: 423-6259
President: Mr. Delbert Edghill
Secretary: Ms. Carnetta Thomspon
Contact: Mr. Delbert Edghill



City of Bridgetown Co-op Credit Union Ltd

COB Business Centre
Lower Broad Street
BarbadosTel: (246) 430-5900
Fax: (246) 436-2033
President: Ms. Lynette Holder
Secretary: Mr. James Paul
Contact: Mr. Steve Belle (GM)



Courtesy Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

P O Box 108
BarbadosTel: (246) 436-6709
Fax: (246) 426-2276
President: Mr. Carlisle Harrison
Secretary: Mr. Roger Maxwell
Contact: Mr. Samuel Gaston



Moravian Church Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

P O Box 5003
Super Centre, Warrens
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 425-0741
Fax: (246) 421-8775
President: Mr Brian Maynard

Secretary: Mr Orrin Williams

Contact: Ms Inez Tull



Progressive Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

Grantley Adams House
111 Roebuck Street
BarbadosTel: (246) 429-1990 (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
Fax: (246) 437-8792
President: Mr Rupert Tudor

Secretary: Ms. Maureen Forte
Contact: Mr Rupert Tudor (426-5914)



Public Transport Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

126-C/3 Plaza Centrale
Roebuck Street
BridgetownTel: (246) 436-2486/435-2596
Fax: (246) 228-5478
President: Mr Byron Jackman

Secretary: Ms Eunece Bayne
Contact: Mr David Lowe



Shamrock Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

Hill-Selby Centre
Cnr 4th Avenue Belleville and Pine Road
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 436-5699
Fax: (246) 228-9378
President: Mr Edwin Cobham

Secretary: Mr. Randall Fergusson
Contact: Ms Daphne Adams



St Barnabas Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

St Barnabas Senior Citizens’ Day Care Centre
St Barnabas Road
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 426-6050
President: Mr Colvin Broomes

Secretary: Mr Oliver Chandler
Contact: Mr Oliver Chandler



St Elmo’s Social Club Co-op Credit Union Ltd

Pie Corner
St Lucy
BarbadosTel: (246) 426-5080
President: Mr Morgan Greaves

Secretary: Mr Clyde Collymore
Contact: Ms Brenda Robinson



St Leonard’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

c/o St Leonard’s Church
Westbury Road
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 436-7164/431-5999
President: Ms Denise Haddock

Secretary: Ms Clare Manning
Contact: Ms Grace Scott



St Mark’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

College Savannah
St John
BarbadosTel: (246) 423-1535
President: Mr Roger Batson

Secretary: Mrs Vernese Collymore
Contact: Mrs Vernese Collymore



St Stephen’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

P O Box 810E
Eagle Hall Post Office
St Michael
BarbadosTel: 424-3821
President: Mrs Muriel Parris

Secretary: Mrs Heather Thomspon
Contact: Mrs Muriel Parris



United Enterprise Credit Union Ltd

Upstairs Pearson’s Pharmacy
Upper Collymore Rock
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 426-4267
Fax: (246) 426-8061
President: Mr Trevor Alleyne

Secretary: Mrs Joycelyn Austin-Roberts
Contact: Ms Joan Waithe (Office Mgr)



UWI (Cave Hill) Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

P O Box 64
BarbadosTel: (246) 417-4539
Fax: (246) 424 0662

President: Miss. Jennifer Hinkson
Secretary: Mr. Neil Broome
Contact: Mrs. Judith Redhead-Bayne (Business Mgr)



Wesleyan Holiness Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

P O Box 95 WRD
St Michael
BarbadosTel: (246) 435-2227
President: Mr Robin Alleyne

Secretary: Mr Ivor Boyce
Contact: Ms Carma McClean